Solar PV modules

SolarWorld PV modules
SolarWorld PV modules
In every solar PV system, the PV solar module is the heart and soul of the system. Solar Age Namibia has partnered with SolarWorld to provide the best quality.

SolarWorld AG is a trusted brand that guarantees maximum quality from raw material to complete solar systems. The products and materials undergo meticulous and detailed inspections that exceed international standards. Their proven quality guarantees customers decades of high performance and the security that comes with investing in a reliable product. SolarWorld quality is the best.

SolarWorld Sunmodule Certifications & Warranties:
Long term performance warranty

*    Linear performance warranty of 25 years for the Sunmodule series

*    Linear performance warranty of 30 years for our glas-glas module Sunmodule Protect

*    10-year product workmanship warranty

*    Ability to recycle modules

High stability

*    Suitable for areas with high wind loads and tested for harsh desert conditions

*    Intensive tests that greatly exceed international standards are the key to the holistic approach to quality assurance.

*     Tested in accordance with IEC 61215 applying increased loads up to 5.4kN/m2

High quality, reliability & best performance

*    Highest energy & yield. Ranked first among 16 modules [Independent [PHOTON magazine]

*     Certification in accordance with IEC & UL standards.

Positive sorting

*    The ascending sorting (based on the corresponding flash report carried out by Solar World) ensures the highest possible system efficiency.


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