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Background History

This is where it all started.
Solar Age’s standardized SHS under the Solar Revolving Fund near Bukalo (Zambezi Region)

Solar Age Namibia (PTY) ltd was founded by Conrad Roedern, an electrical engineer from Germany in 1989.He took up interest in Namibia because of its abundance in natural resources that favour renewable energy. The dedicated promoter of sustainable energy and current Chairman of the Renewable Energy Industry Association of Namibia (REIAoN).Mr Conrad Roedern knew that Southern Africa had:

  • Great potential in alternative energy
  • Great need to harness and utilise the resources

From “day one” the company focused on the development & selling of High-tech Solar Energy Solutions adapted to the various rural, urban, institutional, Governmental & commercial customers.In order to provide optimised solutions, Solar Age Namibia sort to liaise with, and exchange information with non-governmental institutions and other stakeholders of the alternative energy industry. From its initiation the company has steadily grown and has now a gender-balanced staff of 14 very dedicated trained and qualified people representing all cultures of the Namibian Society.

The Company’s Human Resource Management & Training Policy

The company has, from the time it was founded, supported local Namibian students by providing training opportunities during vacation or during mandatory periods of ‘on the job training’ that are part of the curriculum of Tertiary Education Institutions.

Solar age Namibia is committed to the transfer of knowledge within its staff to uphold a high professional standard and gives preference to locally educated and trained people. Solar Age Namibia is committed to reconciliation, transformation and personnel equity to represent the demographics of this country.

The company sends staff members overseas to participate in seminars and technical courses over a prolonged period of time.
These opportunities assist previously disadvantaged persons to obtain knowledge and qualifications – an important aspect in a country short of qualified people.

The Company’s adopted policy is to :

  • Contribute to the Development of Namibia;
  • Alleviate the plight of fuel imports to Namibia;
  • Help avoiding climate change by using safe and abundant local resources;
  • Interact with various stakeholders for a sustainable energy path;
  • Provide optimized technical Solar Energy solutions to satisfy the various clients;
  • Provide financially affordable Solar Energy solutions to suit the clients pocket;
  • Promote sustainable, renewable, alternative energy sources to protect people and environment;
  • Offer training and employment to previously disadvantaged people;
  • Uphold a high technical standard by integrating newest findings of research institutes and related institutions into Renewable Energy Solutions offered to clients;
  • Actively engage in institutions promoting sustainable alternative energy and the protection of the environment to the benefit of the people; and
  • Participate in awareness campaigns informing the population about energy-& environmental issues.

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