Willard Batteries

Unlike car batteries the greatest advantage of deep cycle batteries is that they are capable of surviving prolonged,repeated and deep discharges which are typical in renewable energy systems that are “off grid” (disconnected from the electric utility company.)

We have a selection of Willard leisure lead-acid batteries

12V 105A/h Willard pack

The Willard solar pack comes in a low maintenance 12 volt 105A/h high cycle monoblock.Cycle life is the main feature of this product, which is ideal for low cost installations. Where a battery life of three to four years is acceptable, this product can be used.

Willard RT

The RT range is recommendend for medium to large solar powered applications.The recyclability and long storage life without recharge makes thos solar batttery sysytem absolutely favourabke for several requirement profiles.

 Download a data sheet for RT battery change:

Sunlight batteries

Optimized design, according to DIN international standards, exclusive use of high quality raw materials, robust construction and state of the art manufacturing processes make these the ideal solution for stationary applications demanding high level of safety and reliability

OPzS Batteries (Standby Applications)

SUNLIGHT’s OPzS batteries are characterized by low maintenance requirements, long service life and excellent capacity performance while operating in high temperature or unstable power network, thus providing a premium efficient and cost effective energy solution.

Dowload datasheet:SUNLIGHT-OZPS-ficha-EN