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Solar Farms and Lodges

The lament “Solar is too expensive” does not hold water any more. Solar power has become much more competitive within the last years. Let me start with photovoltaic solar water pumping, often abbreviated as PVP: While some years ago only boreholes with a shallow water table (typically less than 70m) and low daily yield (typically 10 cubic meters or less @ 70m head) had been economically feasible Solar pumping can now fulfil all requirements in terms of volume and lifting head. This stems from the fact that today solar electricity can be produced much cheaper on site than delivered by a Diesel generator or even sourced from Namibian electricity grid. Continue reading Solar Farms and Lodges

Electrical Vehicles (EVS) in Namibia

Designed EV from scratch

ev 1
Namibian EV conversion

The new Audi A3 etron

Namibia makes inroad when it comes to swiftly increasing the share of renewable energy in the electricity sector. On top of some 20 MW of net-metered installations and the first PV park of 5MW, 30MW of solar parks under power purchase agreements are around the corner together with about 10 PV 5 MW projects in the pipeline which will be accommodated under the REFIT scheme. BUT, electricity in Namibia – like in many countries worldwide – accounts only for about 25% of the national energy usage. A lion’s share (some 60%) goes into transport and all transport fuels (except those for donkey carts) are imported to Namibia against hard currency. So if we really want to introduce energy change (“Energiewende”) in Namibia we will not succeed without overhauling the transport sector (“Mobilitätswende”). Continue reading Electrical Vehicles (EVS) in Namibia